1973 Dodge Club Cab Pickup

October 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dodge Club Cab pickup advertisement from 1972

1973 Dodge Club Cab Sweptline pickup - Handy's the word for it

This late 1972 advertisement for the 1973 Dodge Club Cab pickup claims that the “easy-to-reach storage space” is something that “only Dodge gives you.” Does that mean that they was the first to introduce that now-common feature? I guess so: as this site on the history of pickup trucks says:

“In 1973 Dodge introduced the best new idea in pickups since the fully-enclosed all-steel cab of the mid-1920s — the Club Cab. The entire pickup buying public immediately embraced it. Everyone from the hard working construction workers and tradesmen to families who used their pickups for pleasure saw the advantages of carrying certain valuable items inside protected from from the weather, theft or damage.”

In any case, one thing for sure is that you don’t see those camper shells all that much anymore. As the same website points out, the energy crisis did not hit until late 1973, and “in the early 1970s when Dodge engineers and designers developed this new pickup series the nation was deeply immersed  in travel and camping,” and “a Dodge Camper Special was the option of choice for the family who carried a slide-on camper on weekend trips. The hard working Dodge pickup was very often used for business from Monday to Friday, then used for weekend fun.”

Pickups from that era are cool, and it’s great when you see them on the road today.


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